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Cast Eyes On, 2012

Walking through the cast collection at night shedding sporadic light around the corridors and at the statues we get a glimpse of heroic, sensual and broken bodies from the past. When Venus gets back her arms, the athletes starts to move and they all meet; the beauty and default of human beings merge into life. A life that was lived thousands of years ago but in a blink of the eye takes us to the life of human beings of today.

Featuring 3D holograms and visual design by Lars Egegaard Sørensen.

Cast Eyes On tour both as an 3D installation and as installation with a part of the full live performance; the solo Venus which was an essential part of the full performance. Venus is performance by russian dancer Anastasia Tokranova.

National Gallery, Copenhagen – live performance
Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen – live performance
Premiered April 2011 and had more than a thousand visitors just on the first day.

Produced by
Copenhagen Dance Arts, Danish National Gallery & The Royal Cast Collection

Choreography by Lotte Sigh
Visual Design & 3D by Lars Egegaad Sørensen
Live performance by royal opera singer Henriette Elimar
Dance by Thomas Bentin, Niya Lulcheva, Lukas Hartvig Møller, Pernille
Malou Konzack Sørensen, Michael Tang, Anastasia Tokranova, Søren Linding Urup,

Supported by
Nordea Foundation, Augustinus Foundation & The Danish Arts Counsil

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