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Double Stranded, 2015

American researchers recently concluded that the physical consequences of experiencing trauma are hereditary. War, terror and all cruelty now and through history has an impact on us today and will continue to echo in the generations to come. This new research doesn’t remove the devastating feeling of anxiety and panic attacks a lot of people are experiencing but maybe it can help us understand a little bit more about our existence. 

Choreography: Lotte Sigh
Dance: Wanda Breistrand, Oda Østenstad Fjell, Marte Bjørnseth Kristoffersen, Amalie Laudikos, Elin A. Lilleslåtten, Aslak Aune Nygård, Anne Oortwijn, Anders Rohlan Småhaug, Karen Lynne Bjerknesli,  og Kristian Vindeness.
Music: Bryce Dessner
Kostumer: Grete Rustad
Lyddesign: Olav
Lysdesign: Daniel Kolstad Gimle
Produktionsleder: Ingun Rimestad

KHIO, Oslo, November 2015