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New Journal, 2011

A river of adrenalin, bodies, music and 3D melting together creates a tribute to the human power and optimism.

A group of people fall down into darkness. Hopeful people trapped in a hopeless situation. Dreams and thoughts are reviled through little cracks to their memory. Through a continues pulse and joined movements the ability, power and will arise to hold each other and themselves on track of life.

Danish singer Lisa Bregneager interprets elements from life above, and live 3D holograms designed by Lars Egegaard Sørensen offers a journey through reality in a new perspective. Contemporary dance mixed with elements from capoiera, acrobatics and physical theatre is part of the language of the strong personalities.

Choreography by Lotte Sigh
Visual Design by Lars Egegaard Sørensen
Live music by Lisa Bregneager
Performance by Søren Linding Urup, Aleksandra Elchaninova, Marcella Moret, Anastasia Tokranova, Kristian Refslund, Sindre Bjelland, Kallanda Caetana, Chihiro Miyahara & Lisa Bregneager
Photography by Lene Riggelsen & Daniel Urhøj
Layout by Kristian Levin
Production by Dance Promotion & Copenhagen Dance Arts in collaboration with Copenhagen Music Theatre.

Premiered September 2012 at Copenhagen Music Theatre, other venues included The Power Station of Carlsberg, Fredericia Theatre, Roskilde Theatre, exerpts at Ballett Akademien Göteborg, Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Royal Danish Ballet, Pantera Chamber Ballet Russia.

The performance is funded by The Danish Arts Counsil, Danish National Bank,Augustinus Foundation, Nordea Bank, Arts Council City of Copenhagen