April 2018

Royal Danish Ballet, Aspiranteriet, Choreography for The Apprentices.

March 2017

Choreographing for DAF in Rome.

February 2017

Jury at Europe in Dansa – Choreography Competition, Rome.

Januar 2018

NIMB, Tivoli, Premiere.

December 2017

Royal Danish Ballet Apprentices, Christmas Performance.

December 2017

“Turning the Table”, The City Hall, Odense.

November 2017

Sleeping Pilots, Premiere OSLO, KHIO.

October 2017

Teaching at The National Academy of The Arts, Norway.

September 2017

Jury at the Choreography Competition Cappanine Dance Festival.

July 2017

Teaching “Choreography and the creative process” at the Royal Danish Ballet Summer School.

June 2017

Head of choreographic workshops at the Royal Ballet School, Denmark.

April 2017

Choreography for the International Dance Day.

April 2017

Pantera Chamber Ballet is performing Dancing with Anger as a new ensemble piece as well as performing the pas de deux Remind Me.

April 2017

Jury at the international Dance Competition Talent Garden in Milan, Italy.

March 2017

Choreography for Hübberiet at the Royal Danish Ballet. Premiere March 25th 2017.

February 2017

Jury at the Choreography Competition Europa in Danza in Rome, Italy.

January 2017

Choreography for Pantera Chamber Ballet, Russia.

December 2016

Rehearsals for Hübberiet at the Royal Danish Ballet.

November 2016

Turning the Tables, choreographed for the apprentices at the Royal Danish Ballet.

November 2016

Jury member at the Tripodium Ballet Competition in Milan, Italy.

October-November 2016

3D research and rehearsals for new production season 2017-18.

September 2016

Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, Germany.

August 2016

Choreography for the H.C. Andersen Festival in Odense, Denmark.

July 2016

Teaching at the Royal Danish Ballet Summer school.

July 2016

Duet for Royal Danish Ballet dancers Jonathan Chemelensky and Astrid Grarup.

June 2016

Composition Workshop, Royal Danish Ballet School.

May 2016

 Staging Final Exam at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School.

April – June 2016

Choreography for the Apprentices at the Royal Danish Ballet

April 2016

Choreography for Youth America Grand Prix, New York

April 2016

Performance at the City Hall of Copenhagen

March 2016

Jury at the Choreography Competion Stella Di Domani, Catania, Italy

February 2016

Jury at Choreography Competition Europe in Danza in Rome, Italy

December 2015 – January 2016

Rehearsals for upcoming 3D project starts at the studios of the Royal Danish Ballet

October – November 2015

Double Stranded, KHIO, Oslo.

October – November 2015

The Air We Breathe, The Royal Danish Theatre, performed by the apprentices

September 2015

Remind Me is performed in Kazan, Russia
by Pantera Chamber Ballet

August 2015

Dancing with Anger is part of
Copenhagen Summer Dance

June 2015

Remind Me is performed
at CPH STAGE Festival

June 2015

Dancing with Anger on
Royal Danish Ballet Summer Tour