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The sculptor Auguste Rodin used the famous dancer Isadora Duncan as a model. While she was dancing in front of him, he was deeply concentrated in transforming her movements, details of her body, the light and the shadow, the physical expression and the emotion into his world renown sensous sculptures.

We have been inspired by Rodin’s artistic process in creating this performance. With RODIN, a dance performance, we are trying to get a grasp of what Rodin saw, when he observed the human body. We approach the magic meeting between Rodin and his models, and as a viewer we get an impression of the unique connection between the two.

We investigate some of Auguste Rodin’s world-famous works as ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Kiss’ and we meet the perfection and the imperfect at the same time.

One stage are two dancers and a photographer – and through the latters linse, we get very close to discover Rodin’s creational process. 

Link to producer and creators Teaterøen