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The Extra Mile

A glimpse of the story of life, love, explorations, challenges and wild rides. Just like life it selfes the piece is in constant change. Theme, spirit, interpretation and story is different from venue to venue. Life can fill you with tremendous love, and sometimes life can seem to be on the verge of being too much to handle and requires we go The Extra Mile. Life can cover you in gifts and challenges and somehow we all need to find our way. When we do it together beauty can appear in a lot of places.
Dance by Erika Cuccomazzo & Antoine Salle, Erika Cuccomazzo & Jose Antonie Luque
Choreography by Lotte Sigh
Costumes by Sandra Svendsen
Music by Mikkel Carlsen & Abel Korzeniowski
Produced by Helle Laursen 
Video by Daniel Urhøj
Photos by Daniel Urhøj & Mikkel Carlsen
Support by Danish Ministry of Culture
Performed at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Danish Center of Architecture, Royal Cast Collection, National Gallery of Denmark, Danish Tour, The Black Diamond, Copenhagen City Hall, Enghave Parken, Blox / Capital of Architecture,2023.