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The Extra Mile

“The Extra Mile” has traveled many journeys and has explored different themes and expressions. To name some the pas de deux explored the concept of “Too Much” during “SMK Fridays” at the Royal Cast Collection by the harbour of Copenhagen. 
At the National Gallery during the exibition “Baroque” voluminous draperies and deep drama of love was sensuously investigated and unfolded. 
As part of Copenhagen International Dance Festival the large skirts were turned into both obstacles and playfull tools exploring the possibilities of the large amount of fabric and the spirit of going the extra mile for each other in order to be able to seize life together regardless what comes in the way. 

Dance by Erika Cuccomazzo & Antoine Salle, Erika Cuccomazzo & José Antonie Luque
Choreography by Lotte Sigh
Costumes by Sandra Svendsen
Music by Mikkel Carlsen & Abel Korzeniowski
Produced by Helle Laursen 
Video by Daniel Urhøj
Photos by Daniel Urhøj & Mikkel Carlsen
Support by Danish Ministry of Culture
Performed at The National Gallery of Denmark, Danish Center of Architecture, Royal Cast Collection, Copenhagen International Dance Festival, National Library of Denmark – The Black Diamond, Copenhagen City Hall, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Enghave Parken, Art Nordic, Copenhagen Capital of Architecture 2023.