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Speak to Me

Speak to Me (2014)

We can sit closely in a public space or we can lay next to each other in the bed a night and still not really meet.
We can pass the same crossroads for just a moment or we can share our lives and still not really meet.
Sometimes maybe that is just how it is supposed to be – other times it would probably change a lot of things for the better to look each other in the yes and really meet.

Dance by Fuji Hofman & Chihiro Miyahara
Music by Kristian Tangvik
Choreography by Lotte Sigh
Photo by Daniel Urhøj 

Fuji Hoffmann was apprentice from The Danish National School of Performing Arts & Chihiri Miyahara graduated from the Post Programme at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School.

December 2nd 2014: AFUK
December 3rd 2014: Gefion Gymnasium & Carlsberg
December 5th 2014: National Library
December 6th 2014: National Museum