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Transparency, 2011

It is everywhere, in and between governments, businesses and communities. It feeds on greed and swallows up loyalty, community, honour and morality by creating its own rules and changing them along the way when anybody gets too close. This plague is corruption.

The official definition is »misuse of trusted authority for the sake of personal gain«. It cripples societies. Poverty and crime walk in its footsteps and on a global level it is more the rule than the exception.

Together with a cast of seven dancers and up twentyone 3D full size holograms of human beingsTransparency portraits the consequences of corruption.

Transparency premiered in Copenhagen October 6th 2011 and performed 20 times.The performance was presented as part of the festival “Kick Backs – a festival about corruption” which also offered a large number of different lectures offering varying perspectives on the topic of corruption. Kick Backs was presented by Transparency International in collaboration with Copenhagen Dance Arts. Please visit for mere information about Transparency International.

Choreography by Lotte Sigh
Visual Design and 3D by Lars Egegaard Sørensen
Music by Tune Madsen
Costumes by Wali Barrech
Performance by Phillip Benjamin Jenkins, Natalia Ibragimov, Anastasia Tokranova, Aleksandra Elchaninova, Sophia Mage, Niya Lulcheva and Sam Vaherleto.
Photography by Daniel Urhøj
Layout by Kristian Levin
Production by Copenhagen Dance Arts, Dance Promotion & Transparency International.

The performances is funded by The Danish Arts Counsil, Copenhagen Stage Arts Counsil and Konsul George Jorck and wife Emma Jorck’s Fond.