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Peter & the Wolf, 2014

Peter & the Wolf focuses on Scandinavian identity and draws a picture of some of the paradoxes of Scandinavia. Scandinavia is one of the safest places in the world. We have a very low crime rate and a high life expectancy rate. But even though the security level in our society is continuously on the rise we still seem to feel dangers lurking in the dark.

Dangers which instead of being represented by the wolf are now represented by immigrants, strangers, drug-addicts, foreigners, beggars, violence, war, terrorism or something else depending on the context in which we live. But could it be that the danger we feel mostly exists within ourselves?

In lack of real dangers we might discover something gloomy within yourself – a wolf that lurks in the darkness!

The tendency of making up “dangers lurking in the dark” has shaped our morality and mentality and the myths of the wolf as a symbol of danger are plentiful.

Concept & choreography by Lotte Sigh
Performance by actor Peter Lorentzen & dancers from The Dance Company of the Regional Theater West in Sweden 
Produced by Regional Theater West